Advent Calendar

Small delicacies can be placed in 24 drawers so they will sweeten the exciting days till Christmas!


Christmas Tree - L6552 -  33x9x60cm - £25.00

Reindeer - L6562 - 34x8.5x38 cm - £20.00 

Santa - L1863 - 31x7x55cm - £20.00

Winter Cottage - L6180 - 34x7x41cm - £30.00


All £8.00 postage.

Christmas Eve Box - S5014

Delight the kids with one of these wooden Christmas Eve boxes. Festively designed that can be used year after year.  Fitted with a hinged lid.



£20.00 plus postager.

Hanging Decorations - L10536

Great patterns & a beautiful design.  These wooden hanging decorations are truly something special with their simple design. 


Please indicate design when ordering: solid, hole or imprint in either tree, heart or star.


£3.00 plus postage.

Shabby Chic Decorations - L1294

Decorative hanging decorations in a shabby chic look. 


Please indicate design when ordering.


£2.00 plus postage.

L3641 - Christmas Tree Tea Light Holder

Beautiful solid wood tea light holder with Christmas tree design. When lit reveals pretty tree shadows.


£5.00 plus postage.

Christmas Plaque with Santa - S0421

Christmas text on a wooden base with Santa holding a silver star.


£10.00 plus postage.


DIY Jumping Jack - L3976

Snowmen & Father Christmas are competing to see who can do the wildest dance. The jumping jacks made of wood dance when the string is pulled & can be individually designed. Creativity knows no bounds! A great gift for the Christmas season. Children will love them!

Father Christmas 9x1x14cm.


£4.00 plus postage.

DIY Threading Christmas Tree - L3946

The great thing with this Christmas tree is that it can be decorated & painted. The Christmas tree shaped wooden boards can be fitted together & set up. The supplied colourful wooden beads & the small wooden decoration can be easily threaded up & hooked into the pre-drilled holes around the Christmas tree. The tree can therefore be individually decorated.


£4.00 plus postage.

Lantern Christmas Motif - L10535

These beautiful wooden lanterns are a must have for the advent season.  Place a tea light inside & the lantern casts Christmas themed patterns all around. Tea light not included.


Please indicate design when ordering.


£5.00 plus postage.

Music Box & Lamp 'House' - L1289

This beautiful wooden house is wonderfully carved. Battery-powered lights give a warm glow. An integrated musical box makes it doubly attractive. 2 AA-batteries are needed, not included.



£40.00 plus postage.

Let It Snow Lantern - S0909

Wooden lantern with 'Let it Snow' cut out which lets the candle light shine through when lit.


£8.00 plus postage.


Lamp House 'Merry Christmas' - L10207

This illuminated shabby chic house creates a cosy atmosphere in the home. Integrated LED fairy lights are run with two batteries & light up the house. 2 AA-batteries are needed, not included.



£20.00 plus postage.

Music Box 'Christmas Tree' - L1759

With this musical box the Christmas athmosphere will arise. The angels are decorating the Christmas Tree to the melody of 'We wish you a merry christmas'.

Height 19cm Ø 13cm.


£20.00 plus postage.

Lamp 'Christmas Market' - L11390

These small wooden huts have been delicately made & are sure to please. The indirect battery powered lighting & glittering snow provide an atmospheric Christmas ambience. Batteries not included.

Wine hut 9x7x12cm. Gingerbread hut 11x7x11cm.

Please indicate design when ordering: wine hut, toy hut, gingerbread hut.


£10.00 plus postage.

Angel Decoration - L10126

Colourful wooden angels that can be attached anywhere with the rubber band. They look great on a key ring, school bag or anywhere else you want! 



£3.00 plus postage.

Lamp 'Christmas Story' - L1291

This winter scene on a wooden plateau spreads the Christmas spirit. The three wooden figures are singing carols & have to take care that their hands don´t freeze as it is bitterly cold. Small lamps are fitted in the rear wall & in the church to illuminate the scene & show off the church to its full advantage. Requires 2 AA-batteries,not included.



£20.00 plus postage.

Christmas Tree, Shabby Chic, Illuminated

This illuminated shabby chic Christmas tree creates a cosy atmosphere in the home. Integrated LED fairy lights are run with two batteries & light up the tree. 2 AA-batteries are needed, not included.  Comes in two sizes.


Large 33x6.5x48cm - £25.00.

Small 26x5.5x37cm - £19.00.


Both £8.00 p&p.

Star,Shabby Chic, Illuminated

This illuminated shabby chic star creates a cosy atmosphere in the home. Integrated LED fairy lights are run with two batteries & light up the star. 2 AA-batteries are needed, not included.


Large 37x7x35cm - £26.00.

Small 27x6x26cm - £15.00.


Both £8.00 p&p.

Merry Christmas Tree - L10537

These decorative wooden trees are a real eye catcher.  Simple white colour scheme & a cool design. Can be taken apart to be stored.

Large 13x13x29cm.

Small 9x9x19cm.


Both £3.50 postage.


Lamp 'Christmas Bazar' - L6860

This beautiful illuminated Christmas market, makes you fall in love with the Christmas season. Attention to detail in the shacks & the hanging lanterns. The lights & the sparkling snow create an intimate atmosphere – amazing!

Requires two AA-batteries (not included). 



£25.00 plus p&p.           

Lamp ' Toy Manufacturer' - L6684

This house made of plywood in the design of a little wood workshop is a beautiful source of light with burnt ornaments & many other details. Requires 2 AA-batteries (not included).



£20.00 plus p&p.

Push Up Christmas - L11463

Christmas figures wobble around on their pedestals when pushed underneath.Ideal small gift for the advent calendar or a great stocking filler.


Please indicate design when ordering.


£4.00 plus postage.

Spinning Tops - 11471

Cute spinning tops in Christmas designs. The colourful tops are gripped easily & spin all around with lots of momentum. A beautiful stocking filler idea!


Please indicate design when ordering.


£3.00 plus postage.

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