Marble Maze Race Track - L11229

It's not so easy to safely manoeuvre these marbles along the race track! Dexterity is required for this game in order to get the metal marbles safely to their end destination. The rotating knobs tilt & turn both floors, but be careful, the small balls don't fall into the holes! If they do they come out again via the internal marble track, allowing you to start again. A fun game of patience in a race track design.


Recommended age 5+.


£18.00 plus postage.



Wooden Scrabble - L10952

With the letter-dice children can create their first words.  With the inlay board they remain where they belong & do not get out of place. Everything can be stowed away in the box & can be easily tansported.  Game encourages spelling & vocabularly development.


Recommended age 6+.


£12.00 plus postage.

Marble Run - L10380

A must for design engineers! With this creative marble run, imagination knows no bounds. The different wooden elements can be stacked high & low & let the marbles run through fast sections, tunnels & different levels. The rounded wooden elements are pleasant to hold and guarantee maximum marble fun!

Recommended age 3+.



£25.00 plus postage.



Mikado Game - L2881

A steady eye & a steady hand will help to win! 81 wooden bars & coloured marks have trained the fine motor skills & patience of generations! The bars are kept safely in a solid cardboard cylinder during the breaks.

Recommended age 4+.

Bar approx 18cm.


£6.00 plus postage.



Patience Ball Game - L10122

Roll the six metal balls around & get them in the holes, guaranteed fun while training patience. The game also trains motor skills & dexterity. 

Recommended age 5+.

1.5 cm, Ø 5.5 cm.


£1.50 plus postage.

Jumping Game, Giraffe - L5853

With this funny game giraffe's neck won't be attached to its body for long. The neck can move up & down and even leap over a long distance thanks to a spring inside the wooden body! The yellow wooden foot provides a really good balance.

Recommended age 3+.



£6.00 plus postage.



Crazy Golf - L1504

A great game for outside or indoors. Everything you need for fun time!

Recommended age 5+.

Club 12x3.5x63cm.


£40.00 £25.00 plus postage.

Tic Tac Toe Game, Cat & Mouse - L2404

The magnetic wooden game pieces are easily picked up out of the slick metallic box. The drive in the car can be as crazy as the driver wants because the magnetic game pieces stay secured to the game board, which also serves as the storage box. A great parlor game when you're on-the-go!

Recommended age 5+.



£6.00 plus postage.

Owl Catching Game - L10125

This catching game requires concentration & patience. Who can manoeuvre this little owl into the hollow? 

Recommended age 3+.



£3.00 plus postage.



Labyrinth Game - L10584

Perfect for on-the-go! These cute little animals made of varnished & laminated wood are hiding magnetic beads that are meant to be led through the labyrinth. And here's what's really practical: the magnetic wand is always at hand thanks to the short cord attached to it. It's ideal for the children's room, but also for a car drive during which Frog, Ladybird & Snail are waiting to provide lots of playtime fun while training fine motor skills, dexterity, & concentration.

Recommended age 3+.



£6.00 plus postage.

Solitaire, Mice In Cheese - L10164

A slice of cheese made of wood & 33 wooden mice promise lots of fun. Solitaire with a new look & a great game for children to train their concentration.

Recommendede age 5+

Board 20x20x1.5cm Mouse 4cm Ø approx. 1.5cm.


£15.00 plus postage.



Smack the Bird - L5807

Discover the world with all senses with this brightly coloured hammering game to train the motor skills. Try to hit the bird with the hammer. Attention - on the other side a bird already appears again. A funny game made of solid timber & plywood.

Recommended age 2+.



£13.00 plus postage.

Cheese & Mouse Game - L3979

This game drives the mouse in the cheese mad, as it has to rely on the thrower of the die before it can start nibbling! Each number on the die helps the mouse get nearer to its goal.  All parts can be stored in the handy tin.

Recommeded age 3+.

Box 10x6x3cm. Mouse 3.5x2.5x2 cm.


£4.00 plus postage.

Frog Skittles - L8166

Small game space, great game fun! This small wooden
skittles game provides a lot of fun as the pins are shaped in a frog design. Dexterity & concentration can be easily trained. Extraordinary skittles game for extraordinary fun! 

Recommended age 3+.



£10.00 plus postage.

Beehive Wobbly Tower - L10464

This dexterity toy is a real blast! The bees are going crazy in the beehive. New honeycombs appear all the time & want to be stacked. But be careful! They lay loosely on one another & can topple over at any time!

Recommended age 3+.

Beehive 21x7x20cm, Bees 4x2x4.5cm.


£17.00 plus postage.

Skittles, Pirates - L3982

A slow sport? No way - the aim is to get a resounding strike! The mini wooden pins are knocked over when the wooden ball is thrown. Six pirates are ready & waiting for the ball. All pins are made of wood & are great fun to play either on the table or floor.

Recommended age 3+.



£10.00 plus postage.



Farm Dominos - L7094

In a wooden box. The classic game with the cute animal images. 

Recommended age 3+.

17x9.5x5cm, game piece 3.5x7cm.


£7.50 plus postage.

Cat & Mouse Game - L7354

A classic game with a child-oriented design! The bright cat & mouse heads are much more interesting for little ones than just simple playing pieces! A great game which promotes logical and tactical thinking! Grandpa will have to watch out that he will not be beaten.

Recommended age 5+.

26x26x1.5 cm.


£10.00 plus postage.



Wobbling Tower Game - L3977

Maximum enjoyment on a minimum area! This is possible with the small wooden games in the metal box! They can be quickly packed & stored to save space or for travelling. The small wobbly tower made of wood requires concentration & skill. The supplied die shows which coloured block should first be placed on the wobbly base.

Recommended age 3+.

Box 10x6x3cm. Wobbly block 4.5x4.5x2cm.


£4.00 plus postage.

With all the news on how much plastic is destroying our planet and how we should recycle, look no further, buy WOOD!

Wood can be passed down the generations and last a lifetime!

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