Xylophone - L11480

This xylophone comes with 8 metal bars on an arched wooden frame & a wooden mallet. Each tone has its own colour & is marked with a letter according to the respective note. The xylophone covers an entire octave & is wonderfully suited for early musical development.

Recommended age 18 months+.



£15.00 plus postage.



Flutes, People - L6157

Lotus flutes made of coloured & varnished wood. These funny wooden heads with characteristic details bring cheerful tunes to the kids room!

Recommended age 3+.



£2.00 plus postage.

Guiro - L7493

This fantastic musical toy gets everyone’s feet tapping to the rhythm! With its rattles & drumsticks it is a perfect "member" in every orchestra. Small beads & balls in its interior jazz up the sounds even more.

Recommended age 3+.

Length 14cm.


£5.00 plus postage.

Rain Wand - L1647

This wooden tube with its colourful stripes is a toy for gentle tones of rain or could be used as a super rhythm instrument. Recommended age 3+.

5 cm length x 35 cm.


£11.00 plus postage

Hand Bells - L10384

Making music is fun with these cheerful handbells. The handle & top are made of colourfully painted wood & the bright plastic mounts on which the bells are mounted make them sound particularly melodious.

Recommended age 3+.



£5.00 plus postage.

Flutes, Animals - L7744

Bright & cheerful lotus flutes with really sweet animal heads as a decoration. An old musical toy in a new design to guarantee dulcet tones!

Recommended age 3+.



£2.00 plus postage.

Castanets, Animals - L7934

Castanets in cute animal designs. Great clattering heads for great Flamenco sounds.

Recommended age 3+.



£2.50 plus postage

Bird Whistle - L10028

Cheerful, colourful wooden bird whistles. Red hair & a string for hanging are attached to the head. A tone is sounded through an opening at the back with a puff of air. The tone can be varied at the bottom of the bird when it is covered & uncovered.

Recommended age 3+.



£2.50 plus postage.

Flutes, Clown - L6140

Lotus flutes made of coloured & clear varnished wood. Make music with the funny clown heads & colourful propellers!

Recommended age 3+.



£2.00 plus postage.

Drum - L6434

Brightly coloured wooden drums, turn back & forth evenly using the handles to bring out a staccato of drumming. Easy training for the motor skills at early age.  Recommended age 3+.


£3.00 plus postage.

Train Whistle - L3933

Train enthusiasts will love these wooden flutes. The flutes with the train decoration are pleasant to hold & when blown into them, it sounds exactly like trains.

Recommended age 3+.



£5.00 plus postage.

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