Recycled at TTT

All the items on this page have been lovingly hand made by us at Tree Trunk Toys.

Bespoke range of homeware and gifts crafted by recycling wood.

Tea Light Holder - H5

Tea light holder made from aged oak whiskey barrel staves, lightly sanded & varnished.

195cm long.


£30.00 plus postage.

Pencil Logs - H2/H3/H4

Slices of log holding colouring pencils. Come with either 7, 9 or 12 pencils & different motifs.


H2 - 7 pencils £3.70

H3 - 9 pencils £4.20

H4 - 12 pencils £4.70


All plus postage.

Log Candle Holder - H1

Chunky piece of log holding 2 candles.


£5.00 plus postage.

With all the news on how much plastic is destroying our planet and how we should recycle, look no further, buy WOOD!

Wood can be passed down the generations and last a lifetime!

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